August 22, 2017

Wagner Live Midweek Update Episode 31

About This Episode:

This episode is a midweek check in on what’s recently made the news in business, marketing, advertising, and branding, with expert and frank commentary.

Topics covered include:

  • Google​ diversity issue
  • Facebook​ accused of “brain hacking”
  • Oracle​ solves a major advertising challenge
  • Walmart​ makes you cry

About Wagner Live Midweek Update:

Wagner Live Midweek Update is a live video talk show and podcast recorded live on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch. The show provides a midweek check in on the latest news in business, marketing, advertising, and branding with expert and frank commentary., branding, and business.

Straight talking marketing maverick Wágner dos Santos, is your host, a brand strategist, social activation marketer, public speaker, and managing partner at Wagner.

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